31 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know

Hi Ladies! Happy Sunday afternoon/evening! This is a little post I found super fun for us – it is entitled “31 Clothing Tips Every Girl should Know” and I found some incredibly fun little tips. I thought I’d share it on my blog since, after all, fashion is one of those ways we like to bring beauty into our lives. (Always remember that I use the word ‘fashion’ loosely – we do not all have to look like Hollywood stars or runway models to be fashionable.)

I’ve written a few words on my favorite tips below: you can browse them to get a few tips, or read the whole article to enjoy even more. Enjoy the article!


#7. Pairing necklines and necklaces:This is something I teach: It’s important to note that the second to last shirt on the chart (the rather loose fabric scooped look) uses bold earrings instead of a necklace, because the neckline is a feature in and of itself. Jewelry would usually hang awkwardly off of the artistic folds of the blouse or get lost underneath the shirt. Big bold earrings are a great solution because they balance out the large loose folds of the shirt, (a feature that highlights your neck and occasionally your shoulders depending on the width of the fabric folds) and draws the eyes upwards to the earrings that dangling close to your face. Your lovely face and neck and shoulders will be highlighted by this outfit. A great choice!

#12. Getting rid of sweat stains: This is great too – lots of us get those yellow sweat stains on the armpits of our pretty white blouses which makes us afraid to raise our arms! Let’s move past that, ladies, with this handy tip!

#17. Waterproof those Toms! I always wish I could waterproof many many shoes! At least here’s a tip for those ever-popular (and ever comfortable) Toms!

#18. Doubling hanger capacity with bottle caps: This I find brilliant. You could honestly to it with any round ring or object. Key rings work too!

#19. Spraying tights with hairspray to prevent runs: I’ve never heard of this tip before, but what a wonderful tidbit to know! I saw a poor girl in a professional shop the other day wearing a nice outfit, but when she turned around and walked away, there was a HUGE run in her black hosieries running down the backside of her thighs under her semi-short skirt. I’m sure she would love to know this trick!

#25. Revamping boots from salt stains: Colorado ladies, I’m sure you all have this problem – I know I do! Those nasty white watery-looking stains on your boots are from the salted roads in the winter. This is a great technique to get rid of those nasty little white stains!

#26. Scarf tying: Obsessed with scarves? You’re not the only one! Here is a new (and easy!) scarf tie favorite here!